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Who We Are

Our Mission

Love4Heroes current mission is to support those in need while deployed, reaching as many Heroes as possible letting them know they are not forgotten. Love4Hereos strives to involve the community in every step of the way. We are the channel for them to help when they aren’t sure how by involving local schools, church’s and many other organizations locally…..Until all Heroes come home.

What We Believe

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Our Officers

Wendy Tremiti
Wendy TremitiPresident
Proud Military Spouse, Wendy is the main voice spreading awareness about the organization. She is very involved in keeping the community up to speed.
MICHELLE SMITHSecretary/Officer
Michelle has been involved in Love4Hereos from the beginning. Growing up in a Military family it only seemed fitting. Michelle has been married for over 40 years, has 4 kids and 9 grand babies (all boys)
PHILIP TREMITITreasurer/Trustee
Proudly serving the Unite States Navy for the past 13 years. Deployed to once to OIF(Iraq), once to Japan, and nine times to OEF(Afghanistan). Been stationed to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5, then to Naval Special Warfare Development Group and then to Naval Construction Group 1


Heroes helping heroes. Honor and give back to those who serve.