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Holiday Cards

We want all of our nation’s heroes to know how much we care about them, and nothing says that more than your words on a piece of paper that can be saved forever. What better way than to put those creative juices to work making cards. Love4Heroes distributes thousands of these colorful masterpieces to our troops locally and oversees every year.

Crafting Cards

Holiday cards for our troops started out 5 years ago and we were able to ship out a total of 216 cards. Like all other events we only grow bigger each year. Every year we supply cards so our kids can create cheerful drawings for troops. We are now getting help from most of the schools in our community and are sending out cards in the thousands.

Schools throughout Ventura County will be hand crafting between October 23rd – November 3rd

Special Thanks

A special thank you to all the schools and youth groups in the Ojai Valley that help make this possible!


Heroes helping heroes. Honor and give back to those who serve.